Emergency repairs

  • Testing with a special equipment, recondition up to full service life oil pumps and turbochargers ball bearings, replacement;
  • Any kind of turbine rotors repairs, including bearing shafts, sealing’s and blading’s component with following balancing;
  • Turbochargers cases’ reconditioning which have water leaking cracks. This work performs by cutting the damaged areas and following insert installation with a high temperature polymeric materials;
  • Repair of damaged cylinder blocks, crankcases, cylinder liners and other cast-iron diesel-engines equipment (including water-leaking cracks or knocked out parts) by the figure-shaped and force clamps without welding;
  • Liner fitting collars repair with strengthening for cracks preventing;
  • Main and auxiliary diesel engines reinstallation with a usage special polymer material;
  • Liner blocks support surfaces reconditioning, which have fretting damages;
  • Crankshaft bearing fitting surfaces reconditioning for cylinder block or crankcases up to normal dimensions.

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